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Confessionals gathering dust

In most Catholic churches, the confessionals are seldom used. They are good for storing junk or cleaning supplies. Kids have also discovered they are good places to hide as their parents yell “Lost child!” and go into a tizzy. (Is “tizzy” actually a word?) The reason confessionals are seldom used is because few Catholics goContinue reading “Confessionals gathering dust”

Financial literacy

One of the best discussions about financial literacy was on a radio show in this area recently. The guest was a financial educator, who said that schools are not having much success teaching high school students about the realities of managing their finances. She said that’s because adolescent and young adult males are mostly interestedContinue reading “Financial literacy”

Keeping it real and relevant

In 1776, the United States of America declared their independence from the United Kingdom. But in many ways, December 15, 1791, is more important. After creating a new union of independent states, the early Americans realized that they needed to add something. The project wasn’t complete. The two needs were: To protect the minority fromContinue reading “Keeping it real and relevant”

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